Ready for a 2012 Revamp

I’d like to take a moment to say I’m preparing to revamp my product labels and pictures on my etsy store for a more cohesive and professional look!

Stef over at Umlaut Graphics has been helping me in the graphics department (I don’t pretend to be so inclined, though I did give it my best effort!).

Just look at this awesome banner she designed for me:

Yesterday I was actually moderately productive and went a little lip balm mad.  Ten flavors and one hundred tubes later and I’ve got a decent start to my lip balm line!  I’ve formulated it with meadowfoam oil, grapeseed oil and lanolin butter—these are absolutely amazing ingredients for your lips—with carnauba wax “the queen of waxes” and beeswax.  They pack some pretty heavy moisturizing and protective powers (especially for winter) so I’m excited to be able to finally offer my lip balms to others!

I don’t know about in other states (or countries) but our winter here in Wisconsin has been crazy warm!  All the snow is melting/melted and we’ve have low forties for a week straight.  At the beginning of FEBRUARY!  Normally it’s in the crazy frostbite side of the winter spectrum by now (Negative temperatures, I’m looking at you).


About Winterbadger

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