Soap Fail #1


Had my first bad soap fail this weekend!

Hopefully this will be a lesson to new or potential soapmakers out there who haven’t encountered this problem yet.  I got some really wonderful silicone tube molds in the shape of hearts in last week and I wanted to try them out.  I was planning on putting four hearts together to form a

It took two days to get it looking like this, and there's still soap stuck in there!

shamrock for St. Patty’s Day.  They were going to be green, smell like mint and lemon, and be embedded into a white soap loaf.

The soap should be hard right?  That’ll mean  it’ll slip right out of the mold with no problems.  I thought to myself, so I upped the amount of stearic acid to a much higher proportion.  (Stearic Acid, by the way, is a wonderful fatty acid extracted from palm.  It’s used to thicken lotions and harden soaps.)  When I added the lye water to the oils it instantly curdled into a nasty mix of…something.  It looked like hot wax that had been dipped in water.  My stick blender hated it.  The water wouldn’t fully mix with the oils, but after much determined hand stirring I made something that kind of resembled clumpy soap.

I went along with it, poured it into the molds, and came back the next morning to an absolutely nasty and gooey concoction that broke my hard plastic creepy face mold and left me impatiently scooping soap out of the tube mold.

They're mocking me

The moral of this story is that you should use a soap recipe that you know will work when you decide to attempt to use tube molds.

For reference, I made a bunch of Sowin’ Oats soap (oatmeal and honey) which turned out great.  Since I had some leftover, I went ahead and filled the stars tube mold I had laying around and was able to pop the soap out of them the very next day!


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2 Responses to Soap Fail #1

  1. Celeste says:

    Wow! What an experience! I wish I could help because I love digging and carving stuff out. I used to dig at my Mom’s candles growing up. By the way, the creepy face soap are too funny! They really do seem as though they’re making you saying, “Crazy lady!”. Haha!

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