Go Handcrafted for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up quickly on June 17th this year!  That means a special way to appreciate the guy in your life who raised you and show a little token of how you feel.  Father’s Day gifts don’t have to be extravagant, but they shouldn’t be boring either!  Try something new this year with a gift that is handcrafted and specially made.  I put together a list of five interesting and handcrafted gifts that any father is sure to love.

#1: One Gallon Brew Kit – Father’s Day Special ($60)

Image of Father's Day Deluxe Gift Pack (20% off)

Father’s Day Special Brew Kit, CraftaBrew

The company who makes and sells these kits is called Craft A Brew, and they’re located out of Orlando, Florida.  They’re a relatively new, small business who got their start selling their beer brewing kits at the local farmer’s market in Orlando.  Their kits are designed and made by them (including the recipes), and I find their whole concept of supplying an affordable and easy to learn stepping stool into home brewing really great.

This brew kit makes for an excellent ‘hands-on’ gift for the Dad who’s interested in brewing his own beer but hasn’t quite made the leap into gathering all the equipment and ingredients he needs.  The Craft A Brew Kit includes everything you need to start brewing, plus your choice of recipe kit for making that delicious first batch of beer.  They have  a variety of flavors that cater to every preference—from an American Pale Ale to an Oak Aged IPA.

This kit would be great for a dad that enjoys hands on projects with minimal fuss, though at $60 for the entire kit it’s a little pricy for a Father’s Day gift.  (I personally bought this for my father for his birthday, which also happens to be in June).

#2: Woodland & Moss Terrarium Kit from TheTerrariumShop ($35)

Woodland & Moss Terrarium kit / Live 3 plant terrarium Kit

Woodland & Moss Terrarium Kit, TheTerrariumShop

Small plant terrariums are a cool, unique gift that require little effort and almost no upkeep and space.  They look great on the desk at the office or at home, or just sitting on a bookshelf near a window.

This terrarium kit from TheTerrariumShop is no exception.  The three different plants that come included with this kit make this terrarium unique and provide a soothing and peaceful view.  Unlike other kits which may come with everything you need except the plants, this kit contains the glass container, the substrate, moss, rocks and the plants themselves.  It also comes with easy instructions for planting and caring for the terrarium.  This means minimal fuss for the busy dad who doesn’t have time to hunt around for a suitable plant.

This would make a great gift for the dad who lacks any sort of office decoration, or for the busy dad who likes plants but doesn’t necessarily have time to take care of them.

#3: Blue and Black Ceramic Mug ($20)

Blue Black Mug  Ceramic Coffee Mug

Blue and Black Mug, darshanpottery

Maybe mugs are just my secret weakness, but there’s really nothing more enjoyable as a coffee or tea drinker than owning some super cool mugs for enjoying a tasty warm beverage out of in the morning.

These blue and black hand thrown mugs from darshanpottery are no exception.  They’re absolutely beautiful with a rich blue glaze and look absolutely perfect, which makes them a steal at $20 each.

If your dad has a collection of mugs already, or enjoys the look of hand thrown ceramics, one of these would be a perfect gift.

#4: Napa Valley Red Wine Barrel Pieces for Grilling ($20)

Napa Valley Red Wine Barrel pieces for BBQ and Grilling - Shipping Included -100% recycled

Napa Valley Red Wine Barrel Pieces, winecountycraftsman

Okay, these are pretty cool.

Michael Weiss from winecountycraftsman buys old wine barrels and chops them up, then sells the wood pieces for grilling or smoking.  The wood has been soaked in wine for years—which infuses its delicate flavor into the meat as it cooks.  Mmm!

If you have a dad that loves to grill this might be a great Father’s Day gift for him.  And 9 pounds of wine soaked wood and free shipping for $20 you can’t go wrong!

#5: Custom Leather Billfold ($18)

leather billfold wallet with card slots custom handprinted octopus

Custom Leather Billfold, inblue

Mary Lynn Schroeder over at inblue makes really cool custom leather items, including journals and wallets.  You can get pretty much anything you want to say stamped on them, which is great for a personalized Father’s Day gift.

All her billfolds are handcut, sown and stamped.  They come in a variety of leather colors and the main image can be changed (in case you really don’t want to get your dad a billfold with an octopus on it!).

I got one for my fiance for Christmas and so I can say personally that they’re gorgeous and made with a ton of care.  Plus they have that wonderful leather smell that is incredibly irresistible.

And that concludes the list of five handcrafted item ideas for Father’s Day!  Remember there’s still a week left!


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