Monday Highlight: Keylime Pie Specialty Soap

It’s another Monday Highlight, and today I’m going to point out our delicious Keylime Pie Soap!  This is one of our original soap recipes, and it’s definitely a favorite.

We’ve made this soap with tons of wonderful ingredients for what I like to call Faces With Problems.  We superfat with apricot kernel oil, which is a wonderfully mild and rich oil that’s great for replenishing moisture without leaving a heavy sensation behind.  We’ve also added bentonite clay, which absorbs excess oils and toxins from skin and leaves a wonderful medley of nutrients and minerals behind.  And to top it all off we’ve added everyone’s favorite skin loving ingredient—tea tree oil!

These three main ingredients combine in our  Keylime Pie soap to form a nourishing soap bar that is absolutely amazing for some serious but gentle facial cleansing.

Did we mention we scent it with key lime essential oil and color it with natural parsley leaf so its fun to look at as well?

And don’t hesitate to follow the link below to find our  Keylime Pie soap!

Keylime Pie Soap


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